Kontti Second Hand Department Store

Any information about opening hours and/or closing the stores during the corona pandemic will be updated here ››

Kontti is a Second Hand Department Store operated by the Finnish Red Cross

that sells donated items in good condition. At Kontti, you can shop affordably and also give away good items that you no longer need.

Our selection changes daily as we receive new donations. At Kontti, you can find seasonal sports equipment and popular clothes brands affordably!

Our product selection includes

  • clothing, accessories and shoes for women, men, teenagers and children
  • tableware, household items and textiles
  • books, gift items and paintings
  • toys and children’s products
  • sports equipment
  • furniture 

The proceeds of Kontti are used for the relief work of the Finnish Red Cross in Finland and abroad. Shop at Kontti or give us a donation – get involved in helping others.

  • 2/3 goes to the operations of the local Red Cross district
  • 1/3 goes to the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund